Laser Tattoo Removal Perth

Laser Tattoo Removal

For many, tattoos are considered a permanent treatment that marks your skin for life. Whether you’ve made a mistake or grown tired of your tattoo, removal is now simpler than ever.
At Begone Laser Clinics, our specially trained medical professionals and laser technicians offer fast and effective laser tattoo removal utilising advanced laser technology in Perth. Our modern treatments work quicker, produce more effective results and minimise pain and discomfort. All Laser treatments at Begone are performed by qualified Doctors.
Thinking about getting a tattoo removed? Tattoo removal is affordable, attainable and effective with Begone Laser Clinics. Book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our professionals to learn more about how laser tattoo removal can work for you.

Advanced Laser Technology

We utilise PicoWay Laser Technology, a cutting-edge system that boasts greater effectiveness and minimal pain. Ideal for all skin types, PicoWay Laser Technology works by producing a fast and powerful pulse of energy to shatter ink particles and allow them to be removed by the body’s immune system, effectively removing unwanted tattoos.
Thanks to the precision of PicoWay Laser, we are also able to partially remove parts of tattoos, as well as neaten up any ink that has “bled” over time, which happens to many tattoos as they age.

Depending on your tattoo and your skin, we choose a combination of laser settings optimised for the removal of your tattoo. As the laser light passes through the top layer of skin, targeted ink particles absorb the laser and are shattered into smaller pieces. Your immune system’s ‘scavenger cells’ then work to remove ink particles from your body, resulting in the removal of your tattoo.


The Process

Your laser tattoo removal experience begins with a thorough consultation. We assess your suitability for the treatment and discuss any issues or questions you may have.

For almost all tattoo removal treatments, multiple sessions are required. These sessions are typically spaced every four and six weeks. The amount of sessions depends on the size, colouring, age and quality of the tattoo. For heavily coloured pieces, you may be required to attend extra sessions to target specific colours.

While most clients experience effective and outstanding results, we’re unable to guarantee that all tattoos will be completely removed. As everyone has unique skin – and tattoos – results are unique to each client. Stubborn tattoos may require additional treatments to obtain the results you desire.

The Treatment

Before any treatment begins, you’re required to have a consultation with a laser tattoo removal professional to go through the entire process and discuss any concerns or questions. Your consultant also provides you with an estimate of sessions required.

Laser tattoo removal treatments generally last between 5 and 20 minutes, with the duration and number of sessions required depending on your circumstances. Utilising advanced laser technology, we’re able to minimise the amount of treatments you need to remove your tattoo.

Our technicians use a variety of wavelengths and handpieces to remove different colours of ink, including stubborn blue and green inks. With laser precision, we’re able to fade existing tattoos to make way for cover ups or accommodate tattoo alterations.

Book Your Tattoo Removal Consultation

At Begone Laser Clinics, we understand that everyone has a unique reason for wanting a tattoo removed. Whatever your circumstances, we support you throughout the process to make laser tattoo removal simple, effective and hassle free.

If you’d like to find out more about laser tattoo removal in Perth, call our professional team. We’re more than happy to book you in for a quick consultation to see how laser tattoo removal can help you

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