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Here at Begone Skin & Body, we know that every patient is unique. Therefore, we take a holistic approach when treating patients with cosmetic injectables. Our highly skilled cosmetic injectors use advanced techniques to produce results that will enhance your natural beauty, and help you get the most out of your treatment. Book a consult at our Perth clinic to find out more about cosmetic injections.

Professional cosmetic injections

Treatments for cosmetic injections are based on client concerns and aesthetic goals. The journey begins here at Begone Skin & Body to create pleasing results, for the you that you want to be.

Before treatment, you will need to consult with our highly trained clinic doctors and nurses who will assess whether you are suitable. We will discuss your desired outcomes and decide which treatment methods will best serve your aesthetic goals. As well as this, your appointment will give you the chance to gain clarity on what your procedure entails and ask any questions you may have.

These treatments are widely trusted and work to enhance your best features for a smooth and revived appearance. Using the most up to date techniques, we can offer quality results with less pain and downtime than other methods.

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What are cosmetic injectables?

Cosmetic injectables refer to wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, PDO threads, and Mesotherapy. They are generally used to recontour, smooth, or augment certain areas of the face. Cosmetic injections trigger new collagen and blood flow, along with a number of other benefits. When performed by a trained practitioner, these treatments revive the skin and facial features, reducing signs of ageing and other aesthetic issues.

Smoothing lines and wrinkles is not the only benefit of cosmetic injections. If you are looking to enhance, define, or smooth certain facial areas, cosmetic injectables offer a convenient approach. At Begone Skin & Body, we offer the following cosmetic injectables treatments to help you reach your goals:

Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxers (anti wrinkle injections) treat or prevent wrinkles by relaxing certain facial muscles. They are used both to prevent signs of aging and to help soften the appearance of static wrinkles (wrinkles that remain when the face is at rest).

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers restore volume and structure lost due to the aging process, as well as contouring, refining, and plumping. This helps to achieve a fuller and more youthful appearance. Our use of premium dermal filler and proven techniques help achieve a pleasing and well balanced look.

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PDO thread lifting

PDO thread lifting is a common procedure that works to lift and tighten skin. This option is often ideal for men or women who have facial laxity or sagging. By supporting the skin’s structures and triggering collagen, PDO threads create firmer and more youthful looking skin. The threads do not remain in the skin but dissolve over time and are absorbed by the body. As a result, patients are left with firmer, healthier skin.

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Mesotherapy is a quality skin treatment that uses fine needles to inject vitamins, antioxidants, and other healthy substances into the skin. The procedure treats a wide range of skin issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and pigment issues, restoring a firmer and healthier look.

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Cost of cosmetic injections in Perth

Costs depend on the type of procedure you choose, as well as the issues you wish to address. For example, some patients may wish to make large changes to their facial contours or skin, while others may wish for a subtler change. A more extensive treatment may require a larger amount of product, which means an increase in the overall price. We can discuss your cosmetic injectables procedure in more detail during your private appointment. There, you can ask any questions and gain a better idea of what cosmetic injections can do for you.


Based on your desired outcomes and goals, we will discuss which treatments are best for you, and how many treatments you require, at your initial consult. The procedures can be done either alone or together to create results that suit your features and desired outcomes.

Generally, a procedure for cosmetic injectables will involve either a topical or local numbing. There are different injection techniques for different treatments. Anti-wrinkle injections are placed in the muscle beneath the skin in order to have the desired muscle relaxing effect. In contrast, dermal fillers (such as lip fillers) remain in place beneath the skin and must be placed carefully to create the desired facial contour. Book your consult to find out how cosmetic injectables can help you to achieve your desired aesthetic outcomes.

Cosmetic injectables aftercare

The aftercare process is important after getting cosmetic injections. The exact treatment, as well as your health and other factors, can impact the speed at which you recover. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your cosmetic doctor or nurse regarding aftercare. We will likely advise you to keep your treated area out of the sun and refrain from exercise for several days. You should also stay hydrated and eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Some patients may have mild side effects, such as redness and bruising. These effects are expected and should fade on their own, as long as you follow your at-home care guidelines.

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