Skin Boosters

Give your skin the ultimate glow and minimise the appearance of fine lines with our Skin Booster Mesotherapy Injections.

BeGone Skin & Body is proud to offer Skin Boosting Mesotherapy Treatments. This treatment works to replenish, protect and stimulate your skin’s natural moisturising properties for a more hydrated, plumper, and more youthful appearance. It’s ideal for boosting elasticity and targeting fine lines on the face, neck, and décolletage.

Ageing is inevitable - looking old is not. Look as young as you feel with our premium cosmetic injectable treatments.


How does it work?

Central to the Skin Booster system is our Mesotherapy Injecting device. This specialised tool is designed to deliver micro-injections containing an accurate dosage of a formula including hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This formula hydrates and promotes continuous collagen production to nourish and renew dull, tired, and ageing skin. –a powerful hydrating treatment– to targeted areas such as wrinkle lines.


All sessions are administered by a Clinic Nurse. Each treatment lasts only about 30 minutes and begins with the application of numbing cream to minimise any discomfort that may occur during treatment. 
Recovery from the treatment is quick and painless. The expected downtime is relatively short compared to other cosmetic procedures. Any blotchiness or bruising caused by the treatment goes away within four days. 
For the best results, we recommend three Skin Booster treatments scheduled 3-4 weeks apart.
Most clients see improvement in their skin 2-3 weeks following their initial treatment. This may include a more uniform colour, be less creased, better hydrated and more supple. And, with each subsequent session, you’ll see cumulative results, as your complexion looks increasingly radiant and firmer.
Prior to your first treatment, we recommend booking for a complimentary consult, during which our Clinic Nurse will consult with you to assess your suitability for beauty booster injections and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.  
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