At Begone Skin & Body in Perth, we use demonstrated and cutting edge technologies to provide individualised treatment journeys and maximise patient outcomes. Give your skin the ultimate glow and minimise the appearance of fine lines with our skin booster mesotherapy injections.

Session Time

10-30 minutes

Recovery Time

24-48 hours



Mesotherapy treatment

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Begone Skin & Body is proud to offer skin-boosting mesotherapy treatments, also called meso skin needling. This treatment works to replenish, protect and trigger your skin’s natural hydrating properties. This helps patients achieve a plumper and more youthful overall look. It’s ideal for boosting skin strength and targeting fine lines on the face and neck.

Ageing is inevitable – looking old is not. Look as young as you feel with our premium cosmetic injectable treatments.

How mesotherapy works

This powerful skin treatment revives and hydrate the skin, as well as reduces the signs of ageing. At Begone Skin & Body we provide mesotherapy at our Perth clinic, helping each patient achieve brighter, healthier skin.

Our skilled nurse injectors perform a series of precise injections with a mesotherapy syringe containing a glow boosting formula, which includes hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This formula hydrates and promotes collagen production to nourish and renew dull, tired, and ageing skin.

Benefits of mesotherapy

This popular treatment can help to reduce signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It promotes blood flow and fibroblasts, which increase the skin’s collagen supply in order to revive from the inside. Due to the increase in collagen, following treatments your skin will be stronger, and firmer. The blend of vitamins and minerals also gives the skin a healthy, glowing radiance and reduces signs of ageing.

The procedure can help to address issues such as:

  • Dull, dry skin
  • Sagging and loose skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Age spots and sun damage
  • Poor blood flow
  • Inflamed skin and acne

Although this treatment has many benefits for the skin, it may also be great option for alopecia and fat reduction. Mesotherapy fat reduction can treat areas such as the thighs, hips, legs, and arms.

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Your consultation at Begone Skin & Body

Prior to your first treatment, we suggest booking a consult, during which our clinic nurse will provide an assessment and discuss your treatment options. Since each person may have different ideals and reasons for seeking mesotherapy, this meeting is an important step towards your treatment. It will allow us to ascertain your needs and tailor a treatment plan that helps you gain the results you desire.

During this consult, we will gather details about your skin needs and health. Then, we can begin discussing your custom treatment plan. We will take you through the process and instruct you on how to prepare, as well as discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

What to expect

All sessions are performed by a clinic nurse and lasts between 30- 45 minutes. Prior to treatment, a topical anaesthetic is applied to reduce any pain or discomfort that may occur during treatment.

The exact serums and injection techniques may depend on your treatment plan and what you hope to achieve. Your clinic nurse will deliver the treatment through fine micro needles at a 1.0mm depth beneath the skin, allowing the serum to disperse smoothly. The skin booster actively repairs, hydrates, and revives the skin with vitamins whilst promoting collagen. As a result, treatment leads to gradual skin improvements and lasting hydration.

Several treatments are usually required in order to achieve the best and most pleasing outcomes. A series of three to four is generally ideal for creating the best, long-lasting results that leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.


After treatment, it is common to experience some slight redness or swelling, which should subside shortly. Healing from the treatment is quick, and the expected downtime is short compared to other procedures. Any blotchiness or bruising caused by the treatment usually subsides within four days.

Contact us if you notice side effects that are concerning. We may advise you to follow guidelines to aid your skin boosting results, such as:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat
  • Do not exfoliate or have waxing or facial treatments
  • Use gentle skincare products and mineral makeup
  • Protect your treated skin with a high SPF sunscreen
  • Drink lots of water
  • Use a gel or cream, as advised by your clinic nurse

How to choose the best skin boosters clinic in Perth

Choosing a quality clinic is important if you are thinking about having a skin booster treatment. A trained clinician will know how to adjust the treatment approach to suit your skin concerns and produce a good end result. At Begone Skin & Body, our friendly clinic nurses guide patients through the process and ensure they feel comfortable before going ahead. As a result, patients can feel confident in their outcomes.

If you wish to boost your skin health, a consult at our Perth clinic will give you the information you need to begin your journey. Inquire today to find out more about this skin boosting

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