NeoGen Evo

Get a smoother skin tone and texture with our new NeoGen nitrogen plasma treatment, one of the most effective anti-ageing and skin-boosting treatments on the market.

Session Time

30-60 minutes

Recovery Time

Low-energy: minimal to none
High-energy: 7-10 days


Low- energy: 3-5
High-energy: 1

NeoGen Evo is our new FDA-approved nitrogen plasma treatment. It uses pulses of nitrogen plasma to trigger collagen production in the skin and strengthen the skin’s support structures. This regenerating treatment can be applied to the face, neck, and eye area, as well as the hands and décolletage. By adjusting the procedure to your skin needs, we can create a tailored NeoGen treatment plan in order to provide the best possible anti-ageing and rejuvenating results.

The powerful technology treats many common skin problems, reaching the deeper layers of the dermis to create lasting skin smoothness. This is excellent for getting rid of scars, wrinkles, and other textural issues, as well as pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The treatment is adjustable to suit virtually all skin types and conditions, combining effective results with minimal downtime.

With a tailored treatment plan created by our team at Begone Skin and Body, you can achieve a noticeably improved skin tone and texture.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty

Using plasma thermal energy, NeoGen Evo can be used as a non-surgical eye treatment, focusing on both the upper and lower eyelids.

For a non-surgical blepharoplasty, NeoGen Evo can:

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Reduce skin laxity on the upper and lower eyelids
  • Reduce dark circles underneath the eyes

With a personalised treatment plan, we can achieve results without the need for an invasive procedure and lengthy downtime.

Non-surgical facelift

Since NeoGen Evo can treat the skin on the face, it can be a suitable alternative to a surgical facelift.

Helping the skin to slowly heal with plasma thermal energy, NeoGen Evo can be suitable for those with mild skin laxity and mild fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment can:

  • Strengthen and firm the skin
  • Treat skin laxity
  • Address fine lines and wrinkles
  • Treat the cheeks, jawline and around the eyes

For a personalised treatment, you’ll receive a treatment plan to target your personal skin concerns.

How do NeoGen Evo treatments work?

NeoGen Evo is a non-invasive treatment that uses plasma to rejuvenate the skin. It works by converting medical-grade nitrogen gas into plasma thermal energy, which has excellent stimulating effects on the skin.

Through NeoGen’s high-frequency power, the device heats nitrogen gas until it turns into plasma, which is a source of thermal energy. The plasma energy is emitted in controlled pulses – generally a 12mm spot size – at between 70 and 120 degrees celsius whilst keeping your skin safe from heat damage. The heat stimulates your body’s natural healing responses, promoting improved connective tissue and collagen production. Following treatment, the skin becomes stronger, firmer, and smoother.

Both low and high energy treatment settings can be used to suit the patient’s needs and goals, providing a spectrum of treatment options. Following the treatment, the skin’s treated layers undergo thermal modification whilst staying intact. In the case of a high-energy treatment, the epidermis may shed, revealing fresh, healthy skin beneath. The effects of NeoGen nitrogen plasma treatments continue to develop in the skin long after treatment, giving patients long-lasting results.

Benefits of NeoGen

Signs of ageing are most common on the face, eye area, and hands. NeoGen treats below the skin’s surface to soften and reduce wrinkles through collagen remodeling. In addition to signs of ageing, the procedure treats a multitude of other common skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne, scarring, and poor skin texture. Due to its excellent safety profile, it is also the only device that can treat the upper eyelids without requiring eye protection.

This quality treatment can address the following skin concerns:

  • Pigmentation caused by injury, sun damage, and heat exposure
  • Acne – helping reduce inflammation and bacteria build-up
  • Mild to severe wrinkles and skin sagging
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Scarring such as keloid, acne, or surgical scars
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Stretch marks and uneven skin texture
  • General skin laxity and signs of ageing

One of the best advantages of this treatment is the versatility of the technology. Patients have the option of either a single, high-energy pulse or multiple low-energy pulse treatments with minimal downtime. Due to this, we can customise your treatment to your needs, skin condition, and lifestyle.

What happens during your consultation?

In order to design a treatment plan that fits your needs, you will need to have an initial appointment with us. A discussion about your skin condition and what you hope to gain from your NeoGen treatment will determine how we proceed.Our friendly staff at Begone Skin & Body will inquire about your health, current medications, and any past procedures you have had. This will help us understand your medical needs and confirm whether you are a candidate for this procedure. Once we have an understanding of your condition and needs, we can begin discussing an appropriate approach to your NeoGen plasma treatment. You will be welcome to ask any questions, and we will endeavour to provide a thorough explanation of what you can expect.

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What to expect

Your treatment details will depend on your desired results and preferences, as addressed in your consult. While some patients opt for a gentle, no-downtime treatment, others may undergo a more thorough, high-energy treatment. In the case of a high-energy NeoGen treatment, patients may require a topical numbing in order to have a comfortable experience. To perform the treatment, your Practitioner will use the handheld NeoGen device to administer powerful thermal pulses to your treatment area. You might feel some warmth on your skin, but this is typically comfortable.

By triggering the skin’s natural healing response and fibroblasts (responsible for collagen), the plasma energy smooths wrinkles, tightens the skin, and restores an even skin tone. It also decreases bacteria responsible for acne.

After your NeoGen treatment, your skin will begin rejuvenating, with continued results over time. The skin continues to improve for up to 12 months. Multiple sessions may be required, which we can discuss during your consultation before treatment.

Aftercare and risks

The procedure comes with less risk than laser treatment options. And the aftercare required will depend on the treatment protocol used for your treatment. Low-energy NeoGen plasma session requires no downtime. However, your skin will be more sensitive than usual afterwards, which means you should take care to avoid causing further irritation in the days following treatment.

After a high-energy NeoGen treatment, clients will often experience mild redness/ micro-crusting and swelling. These effects should resolve quickly on their own within seven days. Your treating practitioner will advise you on the best ways to achieve good results post-treatment. For example, you should:

  • Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure for several months
  • Use gentle skincare products during the healing period
  • Drink water and keep your skin hydrated
  • Wear sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or above

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