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At Begone Skin & Body, we use the GentleMax Pro Laser, from Candela, to remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body and any skin type.

Session Time

60 minutes

Recovery Time

1-2 days



Our hair removal lasers

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Thanks to modern advances, hair removal is now easier than ever, with state-of-the-art laser technology that offers a worthwhile, painless experience. Laser hair removal is a convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair and keep your skin smoother for longer. At Begone Skin and Body, our skilled practitioners customise each treatment plan in order to give you results that suit you and your body.

For laser hair removal, our qualified practitioners utilise the GentleMax Pro, from Candela, to permanently remove unwanted hair on any skin tone.

Our medical-grade Gold Standard Laser treats unwanted hair more efficiently and causes less discomfort than other devices, such as IPL (Intense Pulse Light).

How does laser hair removal work?

Individual hairs have four stages in their growth. The first three phases — new growth (anagen), transition (catagen), and resting (telogen) — are the normal phases of growth, then the hair falls out (exogen). A new hair enters anagen and replaces the old hair as it enters exogen. This is why, under normal circumstances, hair is always falling out, but the area does not become bald.

Each phase of hair growth is variable, affected by age, nutrition, and overall health.

Following a laser treatment, almost all hair in the treated area will fall out (shed) at about 10 days after treatment. Laser targets hair in the anagen phase. Hair threated in the anagen phase does not regrow. The hair in catagen, telogen and exogen will regrow. Because different hair follicles are in distinct phases of the growth cycle, we need to treat you regularly to ‘catch’ the hair as it is in the anagen phase.

You can expect a noticeable loss of hair with each treatment.
Laser works using selective photo thermolysis to actively target the melanin in your hair. This damages the bulb and dermal papilla of follicles in anaphase.

Thanks to the various spectral frequencies offered by our gold standard machines, we can treat most types of hair on all skin types. The greater accuracy of the laser causes less damage to the surrounding tissue, so you experience less discomfort and get results faster.

If there is no melanin in the follicle bulb (grey hair), the only solution id electrolysis for that hair follicle.

You can enjoy smoother skin without worrying about the hair regrowing in the same volume and thickness as before. At Begone Skin and Body Clinic, our treatments are:

  • Performed with gold standard medical-grade laser
  • Suitable for both light and dark skin tones
  • Suitable for all areas of body hair
  • A lasting solution to unwanted hair growth
  • Cost effective and convenient treatment
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How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

The number of laser hair removal treatments required can vary depending on skin tone, hair colour, and which area of the body we are treating. We recommend booking in to see one of our experienced practitioners for a complimentary consult to decide whether you’d like to undergo permanent laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal cost in Perth

During your first appointment, you will meet with an experienced practitioner to discuss your goals, and what to expect throughout your treatment. As a result, we can tailor a treatment plan and provide an accurate estimate of costs. We will gather details about your health and areas of concern, designing a treatment plan based on your personal situation. In order to produce your desired results, multiple treatments will be required, and package pricing options are available.

Once we have developed a treatment plan, we can discuss costs in more detail. If you have other questions about treatment plans and costs, we can answer these during your consultation.


There is no required downtime after laser hair removal, however there will be aftercare instructions that must be adhered to in order to minimise risks and help you to achieve optimum results from your treatment. Your skin will be more sensitive after hair removal, and you will need to keep the area clean and protected by following your clinician’s instructions.

Some post treatment instructions may include:

  • Do not wear makeup on the treated area for 24 hours
  • Avoid the use of perfumes, deodorants, and active skincare on any treated areas
  • Keep your treated area out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid thick moisturisers, as they can be too heavy for the skin after your procedure
  • 10 days to 2 weeks after treatment exfoliate the area treated to help prevent ingrown hairs and encourage the shedding of treated hairs
  • Avoid shaving the area treated until the hair has shed. Shaving before increases the risk of ingrown hair.

Throughout the course of your treatment, you should avoid waxing or tweezing the area. You can expect the treated hairs in the area to begin shedding naturally after about one to two weeks. In the following weeks, you may notice small, fine hairs growing again. Avoid plucking these, as we will target these hairs during your next laser treatment.

Click on the button below to download a copy of the aftercare instructions.


Risks and complications

Although this is a low-risk, non-invasive treatment, there are still risks to be aware of. Immediately following your treatment, you may experience some slight redness, discomfort, or bumps, which are normal. These should subside within a few hours as your treated skin settles and heals. For thicker treated hairs, redness may take a couple of days to subside. More severe side effects are very uncommon but can include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Changes in skin colour
  • Infection
  • Blistering
  • Scarring

At Begone Skin & Body, we will provide all the information you require to help your treated areas heal quickly and without issues. If you notice anything concerning after treatment, contact the clinic and our doctors will advise your next steps.

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How to choose the best laser hair removal clinic in Perth

For many people, hair removal can be painful, difficult, and time-consuming. Although shaving, waxing, threading, and tweezing can work for some, laser hair removal provides a longer-lasting, convenient way to get rid of hair in certain areas of the body. Choosing a quality laser hair removal clinic is the first step to smoother skin.

At Begone Skin and Body Clinic, we conduct each treatment in accordance with the patient and their hair removal goals. During a consultation with us, you should discuss with your practitioner your ideal outcomes. We will listen to your concerns and explain what the treatment will entail in order to help you prepare. We will also discuss your hair type, as well as any health issues you may have to ensure we can create a plan tailored to your needs.

If you wish to know more about laser hair removal in Perth, contact the clinic or book an appointment. We aim to give every patient personalised guidance to help them achieve an excellent overall result.

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