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Perth's Tattoo Removal Experts

BeGone Cosmetic are a passionate team of medical professionals who bring a wealth of experience performing laser tattoo removal in Perth, WA. In our Perth based clinic, we customise our laser tattoo removal services to each individual patient - using the right combination of laser settings that will work best for the removal of your tattoo.

At BeGone Cosmetic all of our Perth tattoo removal services are performed by a trained and qualified professional in a true medical clinic. As per WA regulations, all of our tattoo removal treatments are conducted by a doctor, giving you piece of mind.

If you're looking for a laser tattoo removal services in Perth, then contact us today on 08 9438 2000.

Begone Cosmetic is a medical practice passionate about caring for people with cosmetic skin problems. There is often no need to put up with bad skin. We know that these problems can really affect how people feel and we want to help find solutions for these problems.

Begone Cosmetic specialises in Perth tattoo removal, Laser Therapy, IPL Hair Removal, Medical Grade Skin Treatments, Anti Wrinkle Treatments and Fillers. Our Doctors and Dermal Therapists are trained professionals who we have been brought together to create a comprehensive cosmetic medical team.

For any questions or information you can contact us by phone or email. Alternatively simply tap on the icons above for further details on the treatment you may be considering. For further information contact our reception and request a free first consult with one of our Doctors or Dermal Therapists. This allows you the opportunity to ask questions face to face.

On behalf of the team of Begone we hope to see you soon.

Dr Neil Hewett
Laser Physician: Begone Cosmetic