Fruit to feed your skin

Despite being delicious, cherries contain an amazing combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds quite unique to them.

They can pack quite a punch, offering a wealth of benefits to your health and your skin, and are also low in calories, yet high in fibre, so you can indulge and reap the benefits!

Cherries contain up to 16 different antioxidants, which can help protect against disease and slow signs of ageing ??‍♀️

Antioxidants can help to neutralise free radicals, a contributing factor in the destruction of collagen and elastin, and slow signs of skin ageing.

They also help to protect your cells, and clear the body of free radicals. This may help slow or reduce the impact of neurological diseases, and protect our cells from damage that could lead to degeneration and disease including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, inflammatory conditions and neurological diseases.

Info source: The Victorian Cherry Association – Cherry Health Report, 2016.

Vitamin C – essential for healthy immune function, reduces risk of disease, protects memory.

Vitamin A – supports cell growth, immune function and helps maintain healthy vision.

Vitamin K – help the body make numerous proteins that are needed for blood clotting, and formation of healthy bones.

Do you love cherries? Because we sure do ??