Meet GentleMax Pro: the New Must-Have in Hair Removal

GentleMax Pro Laser Hair Removal

If you’ve had little success with permanent hair removal, it’s time you’re introduced to a hair removal system like no other: The medical-grade GentleMax Pro…you may never have to pick up a razor again. Here just in time for summer, this innovative laser treatment is yielding stronger, better, faster results on light to dark skin and every skin tone between…and with a lot less pain than IPL and other laser treatments.

1. How powerful is GentleMax Pro?

Don’t let the name fool you; while the GentleMax Pro treatment is significantly less painful than other laser systems (no more digging your nails into the treatment bed!), it yields maximum results. A combination of two gold-standard laser wavelengths explains the GentleMax Pro’s effectiveness:
• 755 nm wavelength (the ‘Alexandrite’) – perfect for targeting fairer skin with darker hair.
• 1064 nm wavelength (the ‘ND-Yag’) – the one you want if you have a darker skin tone and darker hair. Most laser hair removal systems contain only one or the other, which explains why past treatments may not have worked for you. The two wavelengths in the GentleMax Pro mean that no matter what your skin tone, hair colour or hair thickness, the GentleMax will work. Moving at two pulses per second, the GentleMax Pro doesn’t compromise on efficiency either. And with very large spot sizes of 22mm, a larger skin surface area can be covered at once; a GentleMax Pro female leg treatment should take no more than 10 minutes, and men will be glad to know the same goes for back hair removal.

2. What makes GentleMax Pro less painful than other laser systems?

An inbuilt patented cooling system: right before the laser beam is applied to the skin, an advanced freezing agent is sprayed from the laser hand piece. This has a powerful numbing effect for the most comfortable treatment possible. If you’ve got super sensitive skin or a lower pain tolerance, the GentleMax Pro’s laser beam even comes with a skin air chiller to calm the skin. You can enhance the effects of the cooling system even further by applying a topical numbing cream before treatment, although many don’t find this necessary.

3. What is the difference between IPL & GentleMax Pro?

Both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and GentleMax Pro serve the purpose of permanent body hair removal. GentleMax Pro is a laser treatment, whereas IPL is not (although it’s similar to laser). The biggest difference between the two is the type of light they emit: IPL machines emit extremely bright and less focused broad spectrum light, whereas the GentleMax Pro emits just two highly focused wavelengths. IPL’s widely dispersed light doesn’t target and destroy hair follicles and their bases as precisely, deeply or safely as the GentleMax Pro’s thin beam of light.

4. What kind of hair reduction can I expect after using GentleMax Pro?

…Plenty of it, and fast! Fewer laser hair removal sessions are needed with the GentleMax Pro than with other laser hair removal systems. Four to six sessions should be all you need for permanent hair removal in the targeted area (which you simply shave before the procedure); this is even if you have features that with other laser systems, contributed to slower treatment effectiveness – like thicker hairs or darker skin. The GentleMax Pro does not discriminate! With 75-85% of treated hairs gone after four-six treatments, you’ll be saying ‘BeGone!’ to ingrown hairs and shaver’s rash, and hello to smooth, hair-free skin this summer…Book your first GentleMax Pro treatment with one of our cosmetic medical experts today!