Protect Your Skin This Summer

Summer’s here and many of us choose to spend lots of time in the sun. To avoid the sun damaging and prematurely aging your skin, the Department of Health recommend five ways to protect your skin; the good old slip, slop, slap, seek and slide.

5 Sun Protection Tips from the Dept of Health

  1. Slip on some clothing. Look for clothing which is made with a close weave fabric, covers a lot of your skin or has a high UPF (ultra violet protection factor).
  2. Slop on some sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen which has at least a SPF 30+ rating, is broad spectrum, meets Australian standards and is waterproof. Apply at least 20 minutes before you go outside.
  3. Slap on a hat. Look for a wide brimmed hat or flap hat which gives the most protection to your face, neck, head, ears and eyes.
  4. Seek out some shade. Use the shade whenever you can, but as UV can be reflected, you’ll still need to use the other four sun ways factors too.
  5. Slide on your sunglasses. Choose a pair which fits well, wraps around to stop UV entering your eyes through the sides, has an EPF (eye protection factor) of at least 10 and meets Australian standards.

BeGone Skin & Body

Prevention is always better than a cure and heeding the advice above will help to keep your skin healthy. If you do have some concerns about previous sun damage, we specialise in skin rejuvenation treatments for sun damaged skin and other conditions. We also stock Medik8 Australia’s Physical Sunscreen, which is one of our must have products! For more information please call BeGone on 08 9330 4400  or send an email. Our clinic is located at 508 Marmion Street Booragoon, near Garden City.