Be Active: Ideas To Get On Track

It is estimated that in Australia 13,491 deaths occur each year due to a lack of physical activity and that 40% of Western Australians are not active enough to achieve a good level of health.

Reduce The Risk

With regular physical activity able to reduce the risk of suffering from type 2 Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some cancers, undertaking exercise on a regular basis is important for everyone.

7 Ideas To Get You Started

These ideas can help you get active and back on track:

  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and use that extra time in the morning to go for a walk
  • When you are on the phone, stand up and walk around rather than sitting
  • Get outside and do some gardening
  • Hop off the bus or train one stop earlier and walk the rest of your journey
  • Organise to play sports or take a walk with friends
  • Climb up the stairs instead of taking the elevator
  • Sign up for a dance class

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