Tips To Stay Well In Hot Weather

Soaring temperatures in Perth during the summer may have many of us shouting for joy, but hot weather can take a toll on our bodies. Here are some tips from the government’s Health Direct Australia website to help you stay well when the temperature rises.

7 Hot Weather Tips from Health Direct Australia

  1. Keep your food safe. High temperatures can spoil our food causing bacteria which can make us sick grow quickly. Make sure all perishable food items are stored in the fridge and that you defrost frozen food slowly in there also.
  2. Look after others. Give your family, friends and neighbours a ring to see how they are coping. Encourage everyone to drink lots of water and keep animals in the shade.
  3. Be sun smart. Remember to follow the five sun protection methods slip, slop, slap, seek and slide.
  4. Have a plan. Find out if you or any of your family members have health conditions which can get worse in hot weather. If anyone becomes seriously unwell, call for an ambulance on 000.
  5. Drink lots of water. Dehydration is very common in hot weather, so keep drinking water even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  6. Keep your house cool. Use the air conditioning, shut the curtains or blinds and stay indoors. If you don’t have air conditioning, visit the local shopping centre or a library that does.
  7. Keep your body cool. Wear minimal clothing made from natural fibres, eat small meals of cool foods such as fruit or salad and stay out of the sun.

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